Building a shed you manage at the same time several problems:
– problem with a free space, that is always actual for every householder
– necessity to keep in safe some items that temporarily are not in use
– lots of different important things centralization at one place (problem with finding the necessary tool at that moment when it is of highest importance)
Even if you go shopping it is useful to have a list of things you are going to buy in order not to forget anything; when you have a busy day you make notes at your pad or prompt in your mobile device. When you make a project of an outhouse it is also wouldn’t be waste of time and paper to make a scheme, shed blueprints. To perform something correctly one should divide the problem into several parts – problems; define actions that are required for those problems solution and upbuild the consequence of actions. So, let us present the consequence of actions that will help you to learn about how to build a shed.
A shed is an important and essential outbuilding for household needs. A well-designed and built shed can serve for a long time. If you want to save money you will deal with this task due to your own hands building. But don’t try to save your money by means of cheap materials.
However first of all it is important to get a scheme, a plan of what you want to build. For this purpose you may use internet recourses which provide such an opportunity to any craftsman-beginner. Our website is made to concentrate all necessary information for those who dared to start such a not easy affair. Our website is a building plans’ storage. With a help of our guides and instructions one will be able to understand any complex blueprint.
But besides making a choice between standard sizes shed and ability to make an individual one, it is necessary to determine several things:
1) what purposes will your outhouse serve
2) what dimensions (taking into account the purposes) it will be
3) where the shed will be situated
4) will it be like integration, union in style and design with your main house architecture or it will be separate backyard shed plan
5) decide a shed house building of what material you need
Let’s analyze all this points in details and separately.
What purposes will your outhouse serve
Mostly it depends upon your life and the way you use the plot of land attached to the house. For example:
if you cultivate the land, the outhouse is very convenient to store all the ancillary tools, garden tools, some part of the collected harvest
for outdoor activities among the beautiful picturesque landscapes and fresh air the shed can be easily used for storage a bicycle, scooter and other modes of transport
if you choose to breed animals for their own fresh food, large shed will be rather suitable for living chickens, pigs, geese
for those who like constantly contriving something with their hands, shed will become a full-fledged studio for limitless creation and inventions of new shapes
a shed may be use for firewood storage
you may store at you household construction a hay and other food for domestic animals

What dimensions it will be
There are some sheds’ dimensions that have already been approved their reasonableness. Very often people build their outhouses according to 8×12 shed plans or 12×16 or 10×12 shed plans. It is justified in case that you are going to place there a workroom or to keep vehicles. But if you need such a building only for some of the tools for your garden or devices for soil watering and so on, than you may thoroughly think about smaller dimensions.
The choice of dimensions is connected not only with the mission of a shed, but partially with place where it will be situated. It means that if you think that a shed mustn’t be far from the main house building and there isn’t much free space in that area, then you may choose dimensions according to the individual draft.
Where the shed will be situated
Also of great importance is to specify the location of the future building. In most of the cases its locationl depends on the peculiarities of your soil and site in general. However, despite this, there are common principles of how to choose a location for the shed.
When selecting a location, note that the shed will be located in one place for a long time. Therefore you should think thoroughly which will be the best place for it. Draw some images in your mind to imagine the picture of all the architecture: whether it fits your other buildings design or not; if it fits the landscape around, etc. Some people decide to build a shed in the depth of a site. Others orient at the main house building and make shed house plans not far from the house (in order not to walk far from the house in case of urgent necessity). Poor soil, absolutely useless for planting may give a cause for building a storage shed on that area.
Will it be like integration, union in style and design with your main house architecture or it will be separate backyard shed plan
At first sight the shed isn’t as important building as house where you and your family live. But if you won’t enable your fantasy in order to imagine the general appearance of the project, you may be very disappointed at the end of event. So, if you decided that you want your shed situated near your house then it is necessary to determine shed design. It would be perfect if shed’s exterior were similar with the exterior of main building.
If you want separate backyard shed it is not so important to bind yourself by any exterior’s designs. You may free your fancy and choose any exterior, any design.
Decide a shed house building of what material you need
Variety of sheds’ missions generates variety of these buildings’ types. Depending on the construction and material there are outhouses:
– wooden
– metal
– plastic
– vinyl-sided
– asbestos
Each abovementioned type has its advantages and disadvantages and a homeowner has to consider what is better or worse for him.
If you make wood shed plans you should notice that this natural material needs regular protection and treatment. Otherwise it will become worthlessness quite soon. Also wood is susceptible to influence of harsh weather conditions and insects attacks. Wood is highly inflammable material. But natural exterior of wooden shed will look perfect among the magical background of landscapes.
Metal sheds are preferably be made of galvanized steel or they may rust over time. If you have a metal shed you won’t afraid of fire or insects. But you have to be afraid of wind and heavy snow on the roof, especially if your outhouse is made of thin metal.
Plastic sheds will serve you longer and are cheaper compares with wooden and metal one. And plastic sheds as a rule do not need special permit to be built.
Vinyl-sided shed is more expensive than plastic, metal or wooden one. But it’s stronger than plastic and wooden and they do not require panting.
The longest history has sheds made of asbestos. Such buildings are really cheap and reliable.
So, make your choice!
After you have gathered all the necessary information and shed ideas you can make a conclusion as for the dimensions of your outbuilding.
The next stage is particularly building. Let’s overview the building process.
First you will prepare the foundation for the future construction. On this stage you will dig by means of excavating machine into a depth that is determined in your shed plan. Be very attentive to the coincidence of measurement pointed at the plan and measurement of the area that you’ve got after digging. Remember that foundation is a basis that will determine reliability of the construction in total.
After your foundation is done and the floor frame is prepared you begin to erect the walls. According to standard plans for a shed usually there is one window and a door in the outhouse building. This is also a meaningful part of the work: it is very important to put a window and a door in the right place in order to build a firm construction. If you pedantically follow the plan of a shed then it won’t be any problems. If you have a small shed plan you may erect the walls on your own, but if you have, for example, shed plan 8×12 – it is better to ask someone for the help in such a monotonous action.
And the upper level is a roof. The plan of your shed will help you to make the rafters of necessary dimensions. And don’t forget about outlet! Roofing is very complex and even dangerous stage of erecting a shed. That’s why it is highly recommended not to do it alone.
After the body of your shed is complete, you may start to “clothe” it: make sheathing, roofing, install the sub-fascia.
After you had “clothed” your shed it is time to decorate and illuminate it (note that plan of your shed foresees such details). Soffits will be an excellent choice for illumination and siding will suite perfect to add the final touch to your masterpiece. Now your shed has finished view. On this stage you can easily blend your shed with your house and surrounding land by choosing a colours that will match.
Doors and windows installation is the next stage. You may do the doors on your own, or buy. The main thing is reliability of doors you choose in order to protect your property. Windows also may be done by enthusiasts on their own. The most important moment is to make a correct measured window in order it will fit the size of free space left for this purpose. Note that the plan of your shed foresees that the space for the window is a bit larger than a window. And don’t procrastinate this matter, because a disaster or cold weather may come soon and absolutely unexpectedly.
So, if you will carefully follow the consequence of actions and provided plan it is rather possible to build a shed on your own. But on your own doesn’t mean every nail, every stone, every board. It would be rational to divide some tasks and refer their fulfillment to specialists and people who already has some experience in the field of building or your friends that are ready to help you. It will save the most expensive thing – your time. Everything must be within reasonable limits.